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One of a kind for 40+ years

Since 1974, the African American Arts Institute (AAAI) is the nation’s only credit-bearing university program dedicated to the performance and promotion of Black music and dance. The AAAI is made up of three performing ensembles offered as courses in IU’s Department of
African American and African Diaspora Studies.

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Performing Ensembles

Members of the African American Choral Ensemble perform onstage

African American Choral Ensemble

Directed by Raymond Wise

The African American Choral Ensemble features a broad repertoire of African American choral music including spirituals, Gospel, and formally composed works.

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Dancers with the African American Dance Company

African American Dance Company

Directed by Stafford Berry

The African American Dance Company shares dance of the American and African diaspora including African styles, contemporary, jazz, and other cultural forms.

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Performers with the IU Soul Revue onstage

IU Soul Revue

Directed by James Strong

Established in 1971, the IU Soul Revue performs post-World War II Black popular music, from timeless R&B, soul, and funk to hip hop and other contemporary music styles. The ensemble includes vocals, horns, and rhythm sections.

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On Sacred Grounds: Dedication of The African American Dance Company's Studio Floor to Iris Rosa Documentary

On November 10, 2018, IU dedicated the Institute's dance studio floor to Iris Rosa, founding director of the African American Dance Company. Relive the magic of the dedication and experience Iris Rosa's legacy through On Sacred Grounds.

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We promote and preserve Black culture through performance