Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration & Dance Showcase

The IU African American Dance Company Student Organization in collaboration with the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center presents its Inaugural

Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration and Student Showcase 2021


Culture Clash (dance)
Choreography: Chardae’ Craig
Dancers: Chardae’ Craig, Alyse Mack, Cherife Redissi
Music: “Pull Up To Mi Bumber” by Bombo Clat DJ; “16 Shots” by Stefflon Don, “Yeah Yeah” by Bombo Clat DJ, “La Mamá De La Mama” by El Alfa, CJ, Chael Produciendo, & El Cherry Scom

Baba Stafford C. Berry, Jr.

What is Kwanzaa?
The Company

Occupancy (a dance)
Choreography: Gemi Beard, Mackenzie Browning
Dancers: Gemi Beard, Lauren Ladaker, Ja’Nyah Shelton
Music: “A Free K.” by Jonatan Szer (extended edit by Gemi Beard)

A Prayer/Meditation
Baba Stafford C. Berry, Jr.

The Libation Statement
The Company

Sow Up and Sow Out: Communal Fruits from Individual Harvests (a dance)
Choreography: Gabriella Bain, Terrence Flynn
Dancers: Ketlove Gray, Nosadeba Imasuen, Brianna Mendoza, Azari Taylor
Music: “Shum” by Go_a, “Wym” by Go_a, & “UNTIL” by Jon Batiste.

The Kwanzaa Set-up and Symbols
Baba Stafford C. Berry, Jr.

The Nguzo Saba / Seven Principles (Days)
The Company

Choreography/Staging: Baba Stafford C. Berry, Jr. manipulating traditional movement from the Ga ethnic group in Ghana
Dancers: The Company
Music: “Kpanlogo” by Elikeh

Special Musical Accompaniment by Taylor ‘Ajewolé’ Duckett

Post-Performance Discussion / Harambee
The Community of Us.

Thank You

The IU African American Student Organization would like to thank the following for their assistance with today’s program: Baba Stafford C. Berry, Jr., Dr. Gloria Howell and the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, The African American Arts Institute Staff, The IU Student Organization Funding Board, Hannah Crane, Brandi Loving, Eliana Barwinski, Jaylen Ray, Mama Kim Morris-Newson, Samantha Hyde, and all of you in the Audience for Showing up!

Want to join AADC?

Ensemble auditions will be held on Tuesday January 11, 2022, at 7:45–9:45pm in Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Studio A217.

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