IU Soul Revue 50th Anniversary

Celebrating the IU Soul Revue 50th Anniversary

Indiana University will celebrate the IU Soul Revue’s 50th Anniversary throughout academic year 2021–2022 with a series of exciting virtual and live events and activities designed to engage past and present members of our community, to recognize the contributions of those who continue the Soul Revue legacy, and to tell this incredible story.

The Legacy Began in 1971

Fifty years ago, the IU Soul Revue became the first collegiate ensemble to perform rhythm and blues and soul music for academic credit. The Soul Revue today remains the only collegiate ensemble of its kind, adding to the many reasons why Indiana University is a leader in the arts and education.

The Soul Revue’s story is one of vision, advocacy, excellence, community, and a legacy that extends across the world

Portia Maultsby, far right, IU Soul Revue's founding director, works with members of the first ensemble in 1971.  

As the first institutionalized African American performing ensemble specializing in Black popular music, the Soul Revue added to and enriched the cultural and social life of African American students, faculty, staff as well as the local community and the broader campus, a role it continues today.  

Dr. Portia Maultsby, IU Soul Revue Founding Director, Professor Emerita

The Legacy Continues

Today, IU Soul Revue continues to preserve and promote Black popular music, while supporting student success and timely graduation.

Under the direction of James Strong, students have opportunities to learn from accomplished artists and experts in the music industry, engage in the recording and production process, and perform before local and national audiences.

IU Soul Revue fall semester 2021, directed by James Strong, far left  
Dr. Charles Sykes, Executive Director of the African American Arts Institute

The IU Soul Revue has provided life-changing experiences for hundreds of students and thousands of audience members. We are excited to celebrate this incredible legacy.

Dr. Charles Sykes, Executive Director of African American Arts Institute

Let's Stay Together

IU Soul Revue is much more than a band. It’s a community and a family.

The 50th anniversary theme is “Let’s Stay Together,” inspired by the Al Green 1971 soul classic.

This anniversary celebration is inclusive of all alumni, decades, and those who have been impacted by the Soul Revue.

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IU Soul Revue remains the only collegiate ensemble of its kind, adding to the many reasons why Indiana University is a leader in the arts and education.

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