Reimagining Potpourri

Moving off the stage, out of the studio, and into virtual and unconventional spaces has been challenging. But, we adapted, persevered, and reimagined how to teach, create, and perform Black music and dance.

The African American Choral Ensemble, African American Dance Company, and IU Soul Revue present works created amidst and in response to the pandemic and racial justice movement.

African American Choral Ensemble

Directed by Dr. Raymond Wise

We keep singing to maintain hope, joy, and belief that days will get better.

View the Choral Ensemble performance

African American Dance Company

Directed by Stafford C. Berry Jr.

We reclaimed our dancing ground, moving past the studio space and communing with the Earth.

View the Dance Company performance

IU Soul Revue

Directed by James Strong

We raise our voices for the voiceless. We shine our light through music for the hopeless.

View the Soul Revue performance

Conversation with Directors and Students

Moderated by Dr. Maria Hamilton Abegunde

On February 28, 2021, ensemble directors and student panelists came together for a conversation about the process and experience of creating virtual performances during the pandemic.