Peyton Womock: IU Soul Revue Alumni Spotlight


As a devout and passionate lover of music, Peyton Womock uses his musical talents to express himself and his innermost emotions. 

Peyton also uses music as a form of advocacy and protest to social issues happening all over the world. 

During his childhood, Peyton remembers his grandmother having a piano and he would play one note at a time, before he could talk, and his grandmother would say he would one day become a musician. 

Peyton’s father even told him of a story of his first concert and Peyton returned home later and hummed the melodies that were played.

In fifth grade, Peyton joined the band in his group and he chose to play the saxophone which he mistook for the instrument his father played, the trombone.

As a humble musician and saxophonist, Peyton spent nearly a decade as a member of the Soul Revue. His passion for music and expressing himself through music began when he was in elementary school.

Peyton also remembers attending Soul Revue concerts as a child which helped to grow his interest in joining the group and pursuing music.

As a Soul Revue legacy, Peyton’s father and cousin had a great influence on his love for music and horn instruments specifically as they were both members of the Soul Revue. 

Peyton began participating in Camp S.O.U.L. in 7th grade under the direction of Keith McCutchen, which was founded by Dr. Tyron Cooper. This later led to Peyton joining the IU Soul Revue when he was a junior in High School.

Peyton was a member of Soul Revue from 2012 all the way until he graduated from IU in 2020. 

While studying at IU, Peyton majored in informatics with a cognate in music. Peyton’s realm of study lied in the connection between technology and music. 

Today, Peyton has carried on his passion for music and is a musician full time and still plays the saxophone both individually and with other groups he has connected with through Soul Revue.

As a way to make his life’s work and passion come full circle, Peyton is now one of the assistant managers for Camp S.O.U.L. and is able to help students navigate through the world of music.

Soul Revue has shaped me into the person I am today. Without it I would not be confident in my music capabilities.